Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photos of the day: Chinese CS/LM8 mini-me

Looking for this Chinese export only M249 at a Middle-East battlefield in the you.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Rumor Control: .50 caliber Sniper Rifle in Syria IS NOT an AS50 , it's Chinese M99

The media is awash with "news" of how the Syrian rebels now have the AS50 Accuracy International .50 caliber sniper rifle...but they don't.

Many Western media sources have erroneously identified the video in this video as an AS50.  However, the rifle is in fact a Chinese M99 sniper rifle in 12.7x108mm:

If you were a member of the world's premier internet Chinese military discussion, Forum, you would have known weeks ago that the Syrian rebel forces had Chinese M99 .50 caliber sniper rifles.  Forum members generally agree Sudan is the most likely source of the rifles.

M99 is visually similar to AS50, but is a different weapon. The AI is like a FAL while the M99 is more like an M-16. M99 is a direct gas, rotating bolt action, whereas the AS50 is a short stroke, tilting bolt action.  The M99 is also 2 kg lighter than AS50.

Here's a pic of the M99 in service with PLA Marines: can be accessed here:
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Friday, August 08, 2014

PLAN commission of the day: Type 056 588 Quanzhou

The Chinese sure love'em 88s -- this 12th Type056 was launched on July but they would rather wait until 8/8/2014 before commissioning it with the East Sea Fleet

Monday, August 04, 2014

Replenishment ship 888 transferred back to the Navy.

Replenishment ship 888, a type 903 was transferred to the FLEC in 2009.   It is now back flying PLAN color.   

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Replenishment ship 888 Transferred to the Fisheries Law Enforcement Command (FLEC) as "渔政88"

According to the Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Ltd (GSI), the Type R22T Fuchi class AOR Fuxianhu 888 was launched on December 25th 2006 and commissioned by the PLAN South Sea Fleet on December 2007. Unlike her two Fuchi class sisters (886 and 887), Fuxianhu was designed to ferry supply and personnel to PLAN's offshore garrison. Her two RAS stations (one liquid, one solid) were replaced by 4 LCVP craft (in a 2x2 configuration) at midship for supply offloads.

Fuxianhu has a displacement of 20,000 tons with an extensive suite of SAT COM equipment. It’s defensive armament includes two Type 76F Twin-37mm AAA and two Type93 Twin-14.5mm Heavy AAA. One medium-size helicopter flight deck is also featured.

As reported by the PLA daily, the Fuxianhu conducted its maiden supply run to the South China Sea garrison on July 2008 and was initially expected to supplement the old Jingpohu which has been running supplies since June 1993 (here)

Now, with the transfer of the Fuxianhu to the FLEC, it reinforces the trend of shifting focus to MOOTM (Military Operation Other Than War). China is the largest fishing power with a total haul of over 17 million tons in 2007, its distant water fishing fleet is close to 2000 vessels operating in the EEZs of 35 countries (here) .

In 1999 China initiated a zero growth plan as the South China Sea fishing stock is nearing collapse. Having a large replenishment ship to serve in both supply and command roles will enhance the law enforcement of the FLEC (especially with those Type 76F AAA).

Old pennant 888 with her LCVP

One of the two utility boats

With her new pennant "渔政88"

Sunday, July 27, 2014

RIMPAC 2014 group photos, can you spot the PLAN boats in those photos?

3 SU-30MKK of the Flight Test and Training Centre kicks off the 'Aviadarts-2014' international pilot competition in Russia

July 22, 2014
China and Russia launch 'Aviadarts-2014' international pilot competition
MOSCOW (BNS): Fighter pilots from China, Russia and Belarus have kicked off the "Aviadarts-2014" air force competition in Western parts of Russia from Tuesday.

The contest is aimed at displaying precision-firing skills for unguided air-to-surface missiles and shooting ground targets with aircraft guns. It also involves testing of air navigation skills, air visual reconnaissance and single-plane or two-plane aerobatic flight skills among others.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) has sent an aviation detachment and three Su-30 fighters to attend the competition being held in the cities of Voronezh, Lipetsk and at the Pogonovo testing range.

"This action facilitates the pragmatic cooperation between the air forces of China and Russia in military training field. The military cooperation between China and Russia is not targeted at any third party," the Chinese Defence Ministry said in a statement.

Russia's Western Military District will be represented at the final stage of Aviadarts-2014 teams flying a Su-34 fighter-bomber, a MiG-29SMT fighter jet, a Su-24M front-line bomber and Mi-8MTV-5 modernized transport technical helicopters, according to Ria Novosti.

The domestic portion of the contest started on May 21, at the Air Force Academy base in Voronezh and finished on May 26, at the Pogonovo air range in Lipetsk.

The international portion of the competition is to take place from July 22-28.

Read more:

Photos of the day: CIWS of the North Korean Navy (Korean People's Army Naval Force)

They might not be very smart, but they are very big.